Our Primary Prayer Focus this week is upon the work of the Holy Spirit IN:

  • Each us of, increasing our trust in Jesus and our enthusiasm in growing his kingdom.
  • Our effort to assist 1.000 individuals to read the entire New Testament by the end of 2019.
  • Drawing people into our FHL and Cross†raining ministries.


And we remember the unborn and newly born, the elderly and those nearing life's end, remembering all grieving families, and Lucille Setter (sister-in-law of Caroline Henze) and Ken Mertz who are in hospice care.


† In Our Thoughts and Prayers †


God’s Healing Hand on: Mary Jane Riley, Aurelia Kapler, Diane Ustick, Janet Semenjuk, Scott Baker (Diane Ustick’s grandson), Warren Cooley (father of Don), Val Seagraves (friend of Caroline Henze), Tom Spanos (Caroline Henze’s daughter-in-law’s father), Jim Ogden (friend of Larry Cichocki), Alice Schmidt (mother of Lori Stolzenfeld), Amanda Charron (niece of the Frasers), Sand Holmes (friend of Vicki Leberg & Karen Cichocki, Kathy Johnson (frined of Vicki Leberg).


Continued prayers for Healing & Strength for: Curtis Hogan JR, Chris Huber, David Deubel, Lois Haviland, Sieg Gannon, Lori Kucharek, Beth White and Matt Tilton (family of Elsie Adams), Alyssa Delano (granddaughter of Theresa Delano), Tiffany Crow (granddaughter of Marilyn Redmond).


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