Our Primary Prayer focus for this week is upon families:

• For families with children, that God would touch them amid their hurried and hectic lives – that they might hear his Word of grace.
• For families with no children, for children with no parents, and for children who are separated from their parents – that they see God’s gracious hand in their lives.
• For those who feel as though they have no family – that their relational needs be met through Christ and his body on earth.
• For all the families that will be blessed internationally this year through the ministry of the L.W.M.L.


And we remember those who protect and nurture life on this earth, this week remembering all military families, emergency responders, and hospital and hospice care workers.

† In Our Thoughts and Prayers †


For Loved Ones Called Home: For the family of John Todt, father of Vicki Berkseth and former principle at STL, who was called home last Sunday evening.


God’s Healing Hand on: Darlene Borowiak, Mary Lee McKay, Lepolda Matziola, Nancy Raggio, Lori Kucharek, Diane Ustick, Tom Spanos (Caroline Henze’s daughter-in-law’s father), Sandy Holmes (friend of Vicki Leberg & Karen Cichocki, Kathy Johnson (friend of Vicki Leberg), Denise Godfrey (sister of Deborah Kujewski), Alice Schmidt (mother of Lori Stolzenfeld), Elaine Dixon (friend of Linda Taggart), Tiffany Hall (daughter of Kathy Bunch). And those in hospice care: Lucille Setter (sister-in-law of Caroline Henze) and Ken Mertz.


Continued prayers for Healing & Strength for: Aurelia Kapler, Curtis Hogan JR, Chris Huber, David Deubel, Sieg Gannon, Beth White and Matt Tilton (family of Elsie Adams), Alyssa Delano (granddaughter of Theresa Delano), Tiffany Crow (granddaughter of Marilyn Redmond), Val Seagraves (friend of Caroline Henze), Juanita Barowicz (sister-in-law of Deborah).


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