As I drove home last evening, I reflected upon my last three appointments of the day. Two were in homes, one was at church. Each one was totally different from the other two, in people, circumstances, and conversations. Yet, I believed, God was at work in all three (though, again, in quite different ways). Crazy!

I turned on the radio to listen to the Red Wings, remembering that Monica was down at the LCA. Glancing at the clock, I figured the game should be in the second period. Did I hear that score right? It couldn't be! I listened closely for the next few minutes, waiting for it to be mentioned again. Sure enough, the Wings were ahead 5-1, and the game was not even half over! Crazy!

Once home, I turned the TV on to watch the rest of the game, and discovered that the craziness had just begun. The final score was 8-2. Mantha even had a "Gordie Howe Hat Trick!" For a recap, I recommend you go to the Free Press, rather than the AP, to get an accurate account of the rest of the story. Like I said, "Craziness!"

This morning my mind is back on those three appointments. One relationship developed through the reference of a member of STL. One through someone who has never been a member of STL. The third simply because, out of the blue, they called STL looking for help.

Some words that God gave us through David came to my mind. "Lord, your faithful love reaches to heaven, your faithfulness to the clouds. Your righteousness is like the highest mountains, your judgments like the deepest sea. Lord, you preserve people and animals. How priceless your faithful love is, God! People take refuge in the shadow of your wings. They are filled from the abundance of your house. You let them drink from your refreshing stream. For the wellspring of life is with you. By means of your light we see light." (Psalm 36.5-9)

Each of our lives are crazy in different ways, and often in differing levels. We can go from "crazy busy" to "crazy bored" in an instant (though I certainly seem to encounter far more people on the "crazy busy" side of life). Before the Wings had gotten my attention, I had functioned as baby-holder, prayer-partner, referee, and a few other things in the matter of just a couple hours ... and that was not a half of the craziness.

Which is exactly why I need to live in promises like the one above. It calms my heart to be reminded that his "faithful love reaches to heaven" and his "righteousness is like the highest mountains." The pressure is totally off of me, and all, as he reassures us, "People take refuge in the shadow of (his) wings." In the midst of the craziness around us and within us, he empowers us to say, "How priceless is your faithful love, God! By means of your light we see light."

And that, I believe, is the real craziness. Through no merit or worthiness of our own, but simply because of his love for us, Jesus enters into our craziness to bring us refuge that can be found nowhere else. He enters our darkness and, "by means of (his) light we see light." Somehow, as he abides in us, we are eventually able to reflect upon the past and realize he was in control the entire time.

And, if that was true yesterday, it certainly will be true again today. In fact, whether I end up behaving like a human or an animal in the new craziness that today will bring, I know that I will be able to continually "drink from (his) refreshing stream." Why, because his Word assures me: "Lord, you preserve people and animals."

Like I said, "Craziness!"