Ministry Survey

Core Value One - People IN the Word (encouragement)

Core Value Two - Word OUT to our community (Five Missional Practices)

1. Seeking the kingdom: forming the habit of watching for what God is showing us every day in the midst of our daily routines.

2. Hearing from Jesus: reading from the Gospels and listening to what Jesus is saying about life.

3. Talking with people: Jesus can do more with two people who are talking with each other than he and with two people who are successfully ignoring each other. Listening is very, very important.

4. Doing Good: the result of God preparing and us responding.

5. Ministering through Prayer: Asking people "Would you like me to pray about that?" or "How can I pray for you?" ... and then praying (out loud) with them and privately for them ... and following up on those prayers.

Core Value Three - CONNECTING people to mission - what interests you?

Core Value Four - IMMERSING life in prayer

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