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They moved the net this year, and they had more than enough players for three teams. We are blessed with a much better view of the games, and their invitations for us to join them - thankfully - have just been playful. The weather, from our perspective, has been perfect

"I will exalt you, my God and King, and bless your name forever and ever. I will bless you every day; I will praise your name forever and ever." (Psalm 145.1-2)

Can you tell that we are on vacation? For over 40 years we have been coming to this same street, recharging at the same address, watching families grow and generations change. During that time we have gone from being 'the new kids on the block' back in 1975, to seasoned, and sometimes I think respected, standbys.

"The Lord is great and is highly praised; his greatness is unsearchable. One generation will declare his works to the next and will proclaim his mighty acts." (Psalm 145.3-4)

The dock is always super busy over the Independence Day holiday, and the weather this year has multiplied the crowds. This is great, except that it slows down the pace of my reading. One quarter of the way through our vaca' I am only one third of the way through my second book! But it's a good one, "12 Rules for Life - an antidote to chaos" by Jordan B. Peterson.

"I will speak of his splendor and the glorious majesty and his wondrous works. They will proclaim the power of his awe-inspiring acts, and I will declare his greatness." (Psalm 145.5-6)

We are working on Rule 2: Treat yourself like someone you are responsible for helping. Peterson writes, we all "have some vital role to play in the unfolding destiny of the world. You are, therefore, morally obligated to take care of yourself. You should take care of, help and be good to yourself the same way you would take care of, help and be good to someone you loved and valued. You may therefore have to conduct yourself habitually in a manner that allows you some respect for your own Being." (p. 62) My own paraphrase of his words goes something like this: "If God in Christ has made and redeemed me to be who I am, and prepared things for me to do (Ephesians 2.8-10), then I had better take care of myself physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually so that I can do those things!"

"The Lord is faithful in all his words and gracious in all his actions. The Lord helps all who fall; he raises up all who are oppressed. All eyes look to him, and he gives them their food at the proper time. He opens his hand and satisfies the desire of every living thing." (Psalm 145.13-16)

We all are different in our callings ... our situations ... our surroundings ... but we all have the same need to be recharged, refreshed and renewed ... in our bodies, minds and souls. Daily routines, weekly routines, and special times all contribute, and are particularly effective as they all are watered with the Word of the Lord.

"The Lord is near to all who call out to him, all who call out to him in truth. He fulfills the desires of those who fear him; he hears their cry for help ad saves them." (Psalm 145.18-19)

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