L: Let us pray for the whole people of God in Christ Jesus and for all people according to their need.

(after each petition)

L: Lord, in your mercy:
C: Hear our prayer.


L: Into Your hands, O Lord, we commend all for whom we pray, trusting in Your mercy through faith in Christ Jesus.
C: Amen.

(Please remember in your prayers throughout the week)


Our Primary Prayer focus this week is our mission of Connecting Individuals to Jesus and to One Another, remembering:

• Redemption, Sterling Heights, served by our Deacon Jerry Corbett.
• The Genesis Center, served by Pastor Rick VanBriggle.
• Our ministry of taking communion to homes, hospitals and housing developments.


And we remember those on our cradle role, and those who are in hospice care - especially Herb Jones, Janet Schutt, Sally Fournier (mother of Robert), Adeline Wagg (mother of Jan Stevenson).


† In Our Thoughts and Prayers †


For Loved Ones Called Home: The family of Kathy Firchau, who was called home July 13, arrangements are pending.


God’s Healing Hand on: Jerry Farina, Kristina Ballard, Brenda Finger, Karry Krueger, Carol Miller (mother of Diane Blocki), Dennis Dieball (cousin of Diane Carr), Wayde Mascarin (husband of Vicki), Joane Bowers-Sweeny (friend of Jan Patty), Susan Kruse (Tim’s mom), Ray Burk (brother-in-law of Lois Revard).


Continued prayers for Healing & Strength for: Siegried Gannon, David Deubel, Susan Dawson, Chris Huber, Kathleen Ricard, Cristal Morris (sister of Angie Newcomb), Janet Adams, Beth White and Matt Tilton (family of Elsie Adams).


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