L: Let us pray for the whole people of God in Christ Jesus and for all people according to their need.

(after each petition)

L: Lord, in your mercy:
C: Hear our prayer.


L: Into Your hands, O Lord, we commend all for whom we pray, trusting in Your mercy through faith in Christ Jesus.
C: Amen.

(Please remember in your prayers throughout the week)

Our Primary Prayer Focus this week is for Christ’s work in and through us:

• As we get the Word OUT to our community.
• For widespread participation this fall in our growth and education ministries: CT, CT – JC style, FHL, and FPU.
• For faithful financial stewardship and sacrificial hearts.


And we pray for all the lives that will be touched by the people of STL inviting others to join them on their journey.


And we remember those at both ends of life on this earth, the unborn and newly born, and the elderly and those nearing life's end, remembering especially all pregnant mothers, and Janet Schutt and Bob Sommers (friend of the Hetzners) (who are in hospice care).


† In Our Thoughts and Prayers †


For Loved Ones Called Home: The family of Sally Fournier (mother of Robert). The family of Sharon Bender (friend of Hetzners).


God’s Healing Hand on: Linda Dahlke, Ryan Brinkey, Leone Vondette, Kristina Ballard, Mike Gartrell, Diane Ustick, Alyssa Delano (granddaughter of Theresa Delano), Tiffany Crow (granddaughter of Marilyn Redmond), Linda Taggart (former member), Julius (friend of Cathy Meer), Rick Meer and Lorraine Meer (family members of Cathy), Frank Servitto (neighbor of Vicki Leberg), Jim Fisher (son-in-law of Mary Lee McKay), David Bickel (brother of Monica Hetzner), Lee Porter (friend of Vera LaFrate).


Continued prayers for Healing & Strength for: Brenda Finger, Siegried Gannon, Chris Huber, Kathleen Ricard, Cristal Morris (sister of Angie Newcomb), Janet Adams, Beth White and Matt Tilton (family of Elsie Adams), Carol Miller (mother of Diane Blocki) and Janet Schutt and Sally Fournier (mother of Robert) who are in hospice care.



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